The non-profit organization INCITA, is a research and creation laboratory in communication; the design and the practical application in the multiple and complex ways of understanding the communication, depend on the projects and the processes which it develops.

Incita seeks:

To facilitate the active participation of the communities in the society of information, not only with the access, but with the creation and the diffusion of products with alternative languages, content, esthetics and subject matter.

To reinforce activates citizenship, cultural self-determination, the social construction of the territory, the construction of peace, etc., through communication and TIC’s.

To facilitate the access to the integral realization of communicative products to communities in various parts of the world, especially to women, young people and handicapped.

To create spaces of exchange, co-operation and diffusion of products realized by communities in various parts of the world.

To help build alternative visions (deconstruction of stereotypes and prejudices) of the people, cultures and groups of people, through the realization of sensitizing products (videos, exhibitions, socio-educational material, books, cultural activities, etc.), realized by organizations and communities in Catalonia and in other parts of the world.

Monday to Friday from 10am to 15pm | Afternoon activities and workshops


Welcome to the INCITA NGO's Web site, a place to approach and know the organization and its projects, but also to see and to interchange audio-visual and sonorous productions, exhibitions and photographies, as well as documents and tutorial on communication.


Videos of the project “Noies del Barri”

Videos of the project “Noies del Barri”

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