To support the creative capacity and the cultural conscience with a view to the XXI century is a difficult and complicated task, but at the same time inescapable. All the forces of the sciety must collaborate so that the new generations born in this century have the knowledge, the competences and (perhaps more important) the values and attitudes, the ethical principles and morales orientations necessary to become citizens of the world, persons in charge and guarantors of a sustainable future.

In order to achieve this objective it is essential to count on a universal education of quality, but this can only be obtained if, through the communication and the general education, are promoted the visions and perspective, the creativity and the initiative, the capacities of critical reflection and work that are essential for the life in this new century.

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Welcome to the INCITA NGO's Web site, a place to approach and know the organization and its projects, but also to see and to interchange audio-visual and sonorous productions, exhibitions and photographies, as well as documents and tutorial on communication.


Videos of the project “Noies del Barri”

Videos of the project “Noies del Barri”

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